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Monday, June 5, 2017

Bargains from the car boot sale.

Hello, back again. It's been wet and miserable outside, so when I got back from Crafty Club I decided to stay in and get on with another project. I bought some wool and felting needles from the Scrapstore ages ago, and apart from having a play with it, I haven't touched it since. Time to get serious and make an effort to produce something. 
I've seen a project in the latest Stitch magazine, June/July, it was wet felted, with an abstract design, and has a lot of machine and hand stitching on it. It was made into a cover for a kindle. I thought I could make something similar but bigger, dry felted with the needles, and make a wall hanging. So I've spent all afternoon on that while watching Heatbeat videos on yooootoooob. Early days but it's coming together nicely. 
I went to the local car boot sale yesterday morning, at the football ground. I don't go very often, about three times a year, this is the first one I've been to since last summer. I found a few bits and bobs which might be useful. I already have a lot of tiny beads, but often when I am making something I can always guarantee I don't have the colour I need. I found this box of beads for £1. 
All this lot was in a box on a table with a label saying £2 the lot. I asked the woman if she was trying to get rid of them, she said yes. I gave her the £2 because it was worth it.

Here they are sorted, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Some of it is too big and a bit ugly so those pieces will go on the cat table to sell. The small beads and small shiny items will be used in crafty projects. 
I was looking for a straight up and down plain glass vase, and I found one. It's 10 inches tall, cost £1, and I have an idea for it.

I'm going to get on with a bit more needle felting, so I'll say tatty byes. Thank you for all your comments on yesterdays post, you really are too kind. All I do is live my life the way I want to. I am just being me.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Light up the garden

Hello. I've been playing today. The mayo jars are quite dinky, I like the rounded shape, so what to do with them? I know, make tee light holders. Wrap a bit of wire around the top and make a handle, and daub some nail varnish on them. I didn't want to spend a lot of time painting neat patters, so I just did some rough stripes, and added spots with a permanent marker pen. They look good hanging on the pink sticks. 
Or in the lilac tree, which is regrowing after I hacked it down last year.

I tried them out after dark.

Put them on Bugsy's grave, looks nice.

Put them on Rocky's grave, looks nice.

I've got some more jars, I'll make a few more. The lights are still shining, I can see them from my window, they've been out there for three hours. I need to buy some more tee lights, I only had these two in the cupboard. Easy to make, why not have a go.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Meticulous shopping

Hello. Some food I buy on a regular basis, mostly perishables which have to be purchased weekly or fortnightly. Other foods I buy on an add hoc basis, whenever I see them, and when I find them cheaper. A lot of prices are stored in my head, but there are comparison sites that can be used for price checking. I spend long enough on the computer, don't want to add to that. Besides, remembering things helps to keep the brain in order, use it or lose it. 
I called in the Cash and Carry yesterday on my way back from town, worth a look if passing. Sometimes I get nothing, sometimes a few bargains. Two boxes of  750grm Bran Flakes for £1, so I bought three for £3. I don't know what the normal price for Kellogs is because I never buy it, but I do know that my regular Bran Flakes from Aldi or Tesco Value are 88p. That is £5.28 for six, so I have saved £2.28 by buying these. 
Nuts and seeds can be quite expensive, I am always on the look out for cheaper. I found these pumpkin seeds, (113grm), three packets for £1. I thought this was a good price compared to health food shops, our Asian shop, and supermarkets.

These are meant for baking, but there is no reason why they can't be used for snacking, or as I do, in my mini chopper on the breakfast cereal. Three packets for £1, (250grm).

More dried fruit for breakfast. Two packs of sultanas for £1, (325grm) Normal price for something similar is 88p for Aldi 500grm.

Can't get any cheaper than this, 20p each. Although it says Heinz on the label all the rest is in a foreign language, not sure which country it was made in. Worth a try, if it's horrible only 40p wasted. 
Co op Cat food pouches, seven for £1. Worth a try.

I had a couple of cartons of this drink a couple of weeks ago, it's lovely. 50p per carton. I dilute it 50/50, sometimes even more, depends if I need a long refreshing drink, or a slug of fruit.
Is your shopping as meticulous as mine? I know where I can find the best prices, I call in places when I am passing, and always combine journeys with other trips out, to cut down on the cost of driving. I park in town and walk to places. I have to drive to Tesco at night because it's out of town near the motorway, but I only go once every three to four weeks, and always buy yellow sticker food. I feel that offsets the cost of the four mile each way trip.

I've just seen something lovely, the old gentleman who lives in the next street taking his dog a walk. He has one of those push along frames, he lost his dog about a year ago and was without one for a long time. Now he has a ten year old rescue dog and he is out every day with it. It has given him a new lease of life.

Another doggy tale, I know where a lot of the dogs live in my village and always look out for them as I am walking around. Some of them are looking out of the window and bark as I pass, I give them a wave, daft I know. There is a Dalmation which I used to see out and about quite a lot, always had a waggy tale, She doesn't get out now because she can't manage walks, but sometimes I see her laid on the carpet just inside the front door. I wave to her and she gets to her feet to look through the glass. Yesterday the owner and doggy was standing on the front drive talking to a neighbour, it was so lovely to see her close up and give her a cuddle.

Right, I'm off. Looking like a dry day, so I want to be outside. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Red hot babe.

Hello. It had to be done, this mane is driving me potty. Hate it hanging around my face, in my eyes, makes me feel grubby. Gotta come off. 
Bingo, the back door hairdresser was open today, although it was flippin cold. I set to work with the scissors, chopping here and there, lifting a clump with my left hand, and slicing the ends off with the right.
I bought the colour yesterday from Savers, I checked the prices in Superdrug and thought they were a bit expensive. I was right, cheaper in Savers. This is not a permanent colour, it will eventually fade with washing.

I think I look pretty darn cool.

Total cost of new hairdo, Cutting free, colour £3.00. They don't do red in the cheap brands, I looked. Excited to show it off at Crafty Club tomorrow.

Right, before I go, maybe our readers can help with this. Rebecca asks, has anyone got any good money saving tips for a frugal Christmas. I can't suggest much apart from home made presents, because I don't spend any money on Christmas, it is banned in my house. So maybe you good ladies and gents can suggest how Christmas needn't break the bank. What do you do to keep the cost down? Thank you for joining in.

Thanks for popping by, enjoy the rest of your Sunday, we'll catch up soon.
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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lucky find

Hello. Just a short one tonight. I've been nattering on the phone tonight for absolutely ages. Nephew rang and it must have been almost a year since I last spoke to him, so there was a lot of catching up to do. He has a busy life with a full time job, a long commute, and three young children. I could hear them in the background. It went quiet when they went to bed.
I've been wanting another short break away somewhere before the clocks change and we have shorter days. I've searched for the right accommodation, at the place I want to be, at a price I want to pay. It's taken ages and flippin ages. At last, I found somewhere. I fancied a bit more luxury this time, not a hostel, but not so silly expensive. A nice-ish hotel. Have a look here. What do you reckon, good innit. 
Look what I found in Wilko yesterday. I was checking cat food prices, and saw a shelf with REDUCED on it, worth a look. Tester pots of paint at 10p each. Might as well stock up, you never know when you might need it, always comes in useful for those little crafty jobs. 
Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My new business - refurbishing boots

Hello. How about this then. The new look designer gardening boots. Everyone will want a pair like these. I'm thinking of going into the refurbishing boots business, could make quite a packet with my quirky designs. I think a price tag of around £75 will cover the cost of my time, and materials used to upcycle a pair of boots. 
Planting flowers in them was suggested by quite a lot of you. I tried it once and the flowers died. I'm not sure why because my feet are not particularly smelly. They get a wash once a month whether they need it or not, ha ha.

This quick makeover took all of three minutes, and I expect my gardening boots to last at least another couple of years. They will be great in the summer because I have incorporated a complex ventilation system in the design. You will note the open grid at the front, this enables air to enter the boot in the toes area, which then circulates around the whole foot and exits around the ankle. A blow through draught will ensure the feet are continually kept cool when other parts of the body may be sweating profusely.

I can see that there might be a problem during the winter months when the ground is sodden after a rainfall. There is a possibility that mud and water will enter the boots, which could cause some problems, like dirty socks and feet which will have to be washed upon entering the house. I will have to put my inventing cap on and come up with a solution. Perhaps two plastic carrier bags could protect them, the handles could be tied around the ankles to prevent them from slipping off. At least the plastic bags will get another use out of them.

Anyway, I am taking orders for my new boot refurbishment business. Send me your boots with the cash, sorry can't do cards or cheques, and I will do my best to give them an attractive makeover. You will be delighted with the results, if you are not then tough, like it or lump it as my mother used to say. There may be a delay in sending them back to you as I expect demand for this service will be pretty high, so do not expect miracles. If you find you need the boots quickly I suggest you go out and buy another pair to tide you over.

Now I must go and do other things, so I'll leave this with you. Admire my genius inventiveness and if you would like to have a go at boot refurbishment yourself  just send £65 in cash and I will dispatch to you a comprehensive kit which will contain everything you need to redesign your boots to a high standard like my own.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Why was Brenda laughing?

Hello. What is so funny about my boots? Can someone tell me why Brenda almost collapsed into fits of laughter when she looked down at my feet? 
I can't see anything wrong with them. Isn't it normal to get as much wear out of something as you can before it becomes useless and has to be chucked? These boots have served me well, I got them from a charity shop  a few years ago, about five I think. For a couple of quid, they looked decent enough to go to town in. Then when they began to show signs of scuffing they were relegated to walks around the village. No one bothers what I look like round here, they are used to me looking a bit odd.

They then became a bit loose on my feet so I thought I'd better just use them for gardening. I tie the laces like that so I can just slip my feet in and out of them without too much bending down. While in the garden I am often popping back into the house for something I have forgotten, so I don't want to be bothering with tying laces every time I wear them.

There isn't much gardening to do at the moment, but these boots are not for chucking just yet. I still have to hang the washing out, or put some waste in the bins, or water the pot plants if it doesn't rain. They will be sitting by my back door for a while yet, there is still a bit more wear left in them. I think they could do with a bit of tarting up, I may paint them lovely colours  ;o)

I'm off to the library van, I haven't seen Stan in weeks, he will be wondering what has happened to me. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon
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