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Monday, June 5, 2017

Bargains from the car boot sale.

Hello, back again. It's been wet and miserable outside, so when I got back from Crafty Club I decided to stay in and get on with another project. I bought some wool and felting needles from the Scrapstore ages ago, and apart from having a play with it, I haven't touched it since. Time to get serious and make an effort to produce something. 
I've seen a project in the latest Stitch magazine, June/July, it was wet felted, with an abstract design, and has a lot of machine and hand stitching on it. It was made into a cover for a kindle. I thought I could make something similar but bigger, dry felted with the needles, and make a wall hanging. So I've spent all afternoon on that while watching Heatbeat videos on yooootoooob. Early days but it's coming together nicely. 
I went to the local car boot sale yesterday morning, at the football ground. I don't go very often, about three times a year, this is the first one I've been to since last summer. I found a few bits and bobs which might be useful. I already have a lot of tiny beads, but often when I am making something I can always guarantee I don't have the colour I need. I found this box of beads for £1. 
All this lot was in a box on a table with a label saying £2 the lot. I asked the woman if she was trying to get rid of them, she said yes. I gave her the £2 because it was worth it.

Here they are sorted, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Some of it is too big and a bit ugly so those pieces will go on the cat table to sell. The small beads and small shiny items will be used in crafty projects. 
I was looking for a straight up and down plain glass vase, and I found one. It's 10 inches tall, cost £1, and I have an idea for it.

I'm going to get on with a bit more needle felting, so I'll say tatty byes. Thank you for all your comments on yesterdays post, you really are too kind. All I do is live my life the way I want to. I am just being me.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Car boot bargains

Hello again. I found a few bits and bobs at the car boot sale. Some new projects for me to play around with. This mirror frame looks a bit scruffy but no worries, I will tart it up. It was a bargain at 30p. I might take the mirror out and put a picture in it. 
You'll never guess how much this table lamp was, it's smaller than the brown one and the shade is a bit battered. The woman was starting to pack up and she was putting things in a big box with a label on saying everything 10p. Yep, it was 10p, and it's got a bulb in it and working. I will give it a makeover.

Another 10p bargain. Curtain rings. Not sure what I will do with them but there will be something.

Anyone for tennis? No, I am not going to take up a new sport. £1 for this. I fancy weaving something through the mesh, maybe make a picture.

Heaven knows what these are, but they are solid wood and heavy. £1 for four. I'll think of something. 
Cute and colourful beads, you can never have too many of them. 50p for these.

I've got plenty of projects to keep me going now.

Thank you to those who have sent in their mileage for the walking challenge. We only have three months left to do. Some have already passed the 1000 miles, so well done. You can decide if you want to stop now, or carry on to the end of the year. I am off on another walkabout soon, so I'll get some more miles in there.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Sunday, July 3, 2016

I saw an angel

Hello. I'm not too keen on walking through a city centre at night, especially if the route takes me past pubs and clubs. Hull was absolutely heaving last night, there was an event on at Queens Gardens, right next to the Radio Humberside building. I couldn't get parked anywhere near so had to leave my car 15 minutes walk away. Also large parts of the central area is being dug up and new surfaces laid in preparation for the City of Culture celebrations which take place next year. It's one big mess with barriers and big holes everywhere. Avoid if you are thinking of going shopping there, it's a navigational nightmare.

I arrived with 15 minutes to spare, and after banging on the door and gesticulating to people drinking wine inside, they let me in. I was led upstairs through the empty offices, looking for Tom the technician who was setting this up for me. He appeared and took me to the studio that we were going to use for the link up. I sat on a high stool and facing me were three monitors all showing my face looking back at me. In the centre was the camera lens and Tom said I should look into that, not at the screens. I was fitted with an ear piece and a mike, very soon I could hear what was going on in the studio in Australia, although I couldn't see them. A few sound checks were made and we were ready.

Here is a link to the interview I did last night, which went out this morning on Sunrise TV.  I'm not sure if everyone in the world can get it, or how long it will be available for.

Walking back to the car the roads around Queens Gardens were quieter as all the people were let into the show area. As I passed a side street I could see what was happening. Zip wires crisscrossed the area, suspended from the roof tops of the tall buildings. Angels were flying through the air depositing lots of white feathers on the crowds below. I tried to take a photo but they didn't turn out very well, so here is a video from a previous performance, found on yoootooob.

For more pictures and video go to Hull2017Angels  It was a spectacular performance. Glad I was there.

This morning I had a look at the car boot sale, and picked up a few bits and bobs. Four wooden table mats, not for use on the table, I might be able to make something with them. Matchsticks, body scrubs, and three puzzles in a box, all for crafting purposes. Also, not on the photo, a lampshade for the table lamp I am covering with crochet. the original one is too big, I found one for 50p.

I called in the Cash and Carry while I was passing on the way home. A 2kg bag of musli was 60p, worth a try, I thought.

 I also found Aldi Bran Flakes, two boxes for £1. These are normally 88p each. I bought seven boxes, so £2.66 saved. They are two months past their sell by date, but I don't care.

It's time for dinner now, so I'll say tatty byes. we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Monday, April 25, 2016

Big shopping spend

Hello my little bloggerettes, Howz ya diddlin? This morning I went to Crafty Club and spent the two hours cutting out felt flowers for the next artwork. I need lots, it will take a while. 
Looking back at yesterday, I went and had a nosy at the car boot sale at the football ground. Not a lot of stalls there, although it was sunny it was quite cold. Also, too many traders, it was more like a market. I only buy from genuine booters. I got a bit of a shock, I spotted a pair of boots and instantly recognized them. I had donated them to the Age UK charity shop only two weeks ago. The cheeky stall holder is obviously a trader. I was so surprised I forgot to ask how much he wanted for them, he would have bought them for £1. I asked him where he got them from, he pretended it wasn't his stall, and said, 'I don't know where he got them from'. I donate things to charity shops because I think someone might have a use for it, not so someone can come along and make money from it. I suspect that a lot of people might do this trick though.  
 I picked up this set of curtains for £1.50, they are very long, thick fabric, and in good condition. My first thought was, would make lovely shopping bags, of course. I'll wait a while before I cut them up, just in case any other brilliant ideas come to mind. 
Tiny purple beads, they will come in useful. £1.

I've been to town this afternoon. A few bits from the discount stores, Wilko have an offer on the Ultima dry cat food so I picked up four bags. They also had a large bottle of milk for 30p, about to go out of date, so I nabbed that. Last port of call was Aldi. I haven't shopped here for a while, have been buying food from Tesco. I am not a creature of habit, I don't do a weekly shop. I pick up bits here and there as I am passing. I thought I would do an itemized list for you, so you can see what a normal shop is like when I pay full price.

2 cartons soya milk 59p each
Bottle chardonnay £3.89
5 foils of dog food 27p each
1k gran sugar 39p
2 tins baked beans 23p each
1kg bananas (8) 68p
Frozen peas 69p
Potatoes 79p
Onions 55p
2 packs ex mature cheese £1.59 each
Salted peanuts 99p
Dry roasted nuts £1.05
Butter 75p
Broccoli 37p
Cucumber 39p
Tomatoes 57p
Low fat yogurt 45p
2 bags walnuts £1.29 each
Brazil nuts 99p
Quiche £1.19
Soft cheese 49p
2 packs cream crackers 40p each
Spinach £1.29
Sliced ham for the kids 79p
Strawberries £1.35
Med FR eggs 79p
Mushrooms 89p
Farmhouse seeded loaf 85p
Bran flakes 88p
Total £30.62

I shop at Aldi about once a month, it's conveniently close to the town. They don't have everything I want, so I shop around. This is quite a big shop for me, the strawberries and wine are treats. The cheese and crackers will last four weeks, maybe more. I don't need to go shopping for a week to ten days, but if I am passing any supermarkets I will always pop in to see if there are any reductions, which will help me to stretch a normal shop out to last longer.

I'll wrap this up now. Need to take the dawg out and then do my three miles.
Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.